Kenya Car Import Duty Calculator from Auto Kenya

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Step 1 - Please select and fill out details of your vehicle below:

Step 2 - The duties and taxes payable for importing your vehicle are as per below:
Details Values in KES Description
Import Duty @ 25.00% Import duty payable to KRA
Excise Duty @ 20.00% Excise duty payable to KRA
VAT @ 16.00% VAT payable to KRA
IDF @ 2.25% Input Declaration Fees payable to KRA
Railway Development Levy @ 1.50% Railway Development Levy payable to KRA
Motor Vehicle Registration Cost Vehicle Registration Charges
Customs Value The Customs declared value for this vehicle
Total Estimated Taxes Payable to KRA for Importation:
(Excludes port charges as well as clearing agent costs. Move to step 3 to fill these)

Step 3 - Want to know your final cost of importing your vehicle, please fill out below details
Vehicle Purchase Price in Foreign Country :KES=1.00
Freight Costs to Mombasa (if price does not include this) :KES=1.00
Port and Clearing Agent Costs (Not sure? Get a quote) :KES=1.00
Miscellaneous Costs :KES=1.00
Taxes Payable :KES=1.00
While we endeavor to ensure the figures shown was accurate we cannot guarantee KRA accepting these figures however are provided for guidance purposes only